Property Value: The Influence of Garden Design

Property Value: The Influence of Garden Design

property valueSelling your home at an optimal price is something that requires a lot of effort. Now, although some claimed that this is all about luck, they couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many things you can do to improve your chances at the market and attributing all of this hard-work to a mythical force that rules the universe seems like an insult. This being said, for the value of your property, exterior can be as important as the interior itself. So with this in mind, here are some of the ways in which your garden design can have an influence on property value.

An oasis of nature

In the modern world of concrete, steel and glass, most people have come to learn a true value of having a tree in your garden. Not only does it give you shade during summer heats but it makes entire layout of your property much friendlier. To further emphasize the importance of trees for your property value, even having them in your vicinity, like in your neighbors’ yards improves the price. However, while it is impossible to affect what grows around your land, on your property you are the absolute authority. Simply find the right trees and shrubs for your yard (take its size and layout into consideration of course) and you will take first steps in making the value of your home grow.

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property valueThe right combination to Increase Property Value

Now, we already mentioned that making your backyard greener is the right way to go, but some mistake in trying to oversimplify this and just overcrowd their garden with random trees and shrubs. Remember that all things are good in moderation. First of all, it is about overall aesthetic impression and not about the volume of the things your plant. With this in mind, what you want is for your garden is to become as beautiful as possible, but the only way to do so is through diversity.


Some plants, go well along together while some work as natural enemies, even visually, some plants seem as if they were made to go with each other like roses and foxglove or lupines and poppies. All in all, researching this for a bit might definitely worth your while since any potential buyer will be simply mesmerized with mere sight that some of these powerful combinations help create. Just consider the idea that for a price of two bags of flower seeds (which is next to nothing) your properties value can virtually skyrocket.

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Vegetable gardenproperty value

Even though there are some great ideas for a straight out visual garden out there, there is no reason whatsoever why your garden wouldn’t have a practical use as well. In the age of GMO, having your own organic vegetable garden is a notion on which you simply cannot put a price tag. Just think about it this way, all you need to do is plan how big garden you need. Then find green waste management services offered by people like the ones from rubbish removal firms who pay close attention to recycling. Then, decide what you want to grow. You can plant anything from lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes and even a carrot or two. Of course, you must always take into consideration what your local climate conditions are most suitable for.

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As you can see, your options in this department are more or less limitless and virtually anything your do in your garden in one way or another increases its property value. However, in order for this difference to really becomes noticeable, what you should do is either go with the right choice of trees and shrubs or an organic vegetable garden. Finally whatever you decide to go with, it can be nicely enhanced with the right choice of flowers.

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