Things to Consider Before A Bathroom Renovation Project

Things to Consider Before A Bathroom Renovation Project

bathroom renovationWhen it comes to house renovation, many homeowners often get into the transformation process without evaluating some factors that may save time, money and lead to better results. Bathroom renovation can include a lot of tasks, from choosing a new design to repairing old plumbing installations. All this can be completed more efficiently if you make a thorough plan for every aspect of the operation before embarking on a project. So if you’re about to refresh your old bathroom, it would be great to consider the following.

Determine The Order Of Renovation Operations

If you begin by tearing down the tiles without an idea what to do next, you’ll probably just create a mess than prolong the entire renovation process. So, before you even start to remove the old elements and install new ones, it’s absolutely necessary to make a ‘battle plan,’ in order to avoid spending days cleaning up the surrounding rubble. Regardless if the renovation requires demolition of the whole bathroom, or if you just want to refresh a couple of tiles, write it down and go step by step.

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Plan a budget

bathroom renovationBathroom remodeling, depending on its complexity, can cause lower or higher costs. Take a good look at your available funds and determine how much money you can set aside for renewing. The last thing you want to do is to get carried away and run out of money in the middle of a renovation. This way you’ll be able to make a list of all repairs and replacements that you can afford and save a little bit along the way because you’ll have a good insight into all expenditures.

Check and repair plumbing items

Not all renovation projects demand new piping installations, so make sure you carefully inspect yours. If needed, take proper care of all the leakages or clogged pipes. Examine drains and faucets, change old or broken fixtures and remove eventual blockages.  If your budget allows, consider installing a modern shower cabin or, if that’s not possible, just replace the old shower doors. That shouldn’t put too much of a dent in your wallet and it will bring a new zing to the complete picture.

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Pick The Right Material

The main property of whatever material you choose should be water resistance and continuance, but you can also search for easy maintaining surfaces if that’s among your priorities. If you prefer a classical style, ceramic tiles may be a good match. Vinyl tiles are a cheap solution for the floor, while granite and marble can create a more sophisticated appearance. Of course, you can opt for various tile patterns and motifs, depending on chosen style and budget, since highly decorated ones are usually more expensive.

Choose A New Designbathroom renovation

Making a decision on a particular design and style is never easy. If you lean towards the creative side, this could be the time to express your creativity and imagine what you would like your new bathroom to look like. Style of tiles, combination of colours and textures, choosing a modern bath tub and faucets, all these elements play a major role in the final outcome. Whatever you decide, try to match the elements appropriately in order to achieve a more harmonious look. If you’re uncertain which material or colour best suits the desired bathroom look, you can always seek advice from Sydney-based bathroom renovation experts in order to avoid mistakes and a cluttered look. Bear in mind that whichever style you choose, it should also provide a high level of functionality and comfort, apart from aesthetics.

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In Conclusion

Although bathroom renovation might seem like a long lasting and complicated venture to many homeowners, careful consideration of all the factors and efficient planning beforehand can turn it into a ‘piece of cake’ high-quality home improvement project. So don’t hesitate, get your trusty tools and start planning your new home improvement adventure.

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