Selling To an Investor When You Can’t Seem To Find a Buyer

Selling To an Investor When You Can’t Seem To Find a Buyer

Homes in Northern Virginia are typically quick to sell. However, the market doesn’t always cooperate, so there will be some instances where you have a hard time selling. The good news is that even if you are having a difficult time finding a private buyer, chances are you can find an investor willing to take the property off of your hands.

If you are ready to look into selling to an investor, your first question may be how to find one. “Is there a certain place to look for investors?” The answer is “yes”. Of course you can simply put your property in the classifieds announcing that it is a perfect investment property, but you’ll have better luck contacting people directly.

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Older Homes

Don’t let an older, outdated home stop you from reaching out to an Investor or investment group. There is no home too far gone that doesn’t appeal to someone who loves renovating deserving properties. Investors specialize in “as-is” homes, even those that are stuffed full of unwanted belongings that get left behind. If you’ve ever sold a home before you know that it has to be in tip-top shape for the new owners- not the case with investors. “As-is” really means “as-is” with no contingencies.


If you’re in a crunch (for example: you’re about to lose your home) remember the power of investors. They can help you out within days- not weeks or months. Investors (like most everyone else) are in business to make money, so give them an offer they can’t refuse.

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Cash Buys

More often than not, investors are cash buyers. This means that you can get cash for your home, quickly and without the added expense of real estate commissions from using an agent. Do you want to close on your home in as little as a week? Or do you need some time before you’re ready to move out? Then this is the route to take. Investors will work with your timeline.

A great investment company isn’t going to rob you of your property. Though they would like a great deal they also know that you’re in a pinch and need their help. Overall, this can be a great way to sell your house and move onto the next chapter of your life. In many ways, selling to an investor is much better than a private buyer. Investors likely have much more experience in property sales and this will make things quicker and easier on you- that is always a plus!

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