Get Your Fabulous Outdoor Lighting Now

Get Your Fabulous Outdoor Lighting Now

outdoor lightingOwning a piece of real-estate is a big deal; the responsibility for keeping your house/flat polished all the time not only entails time but it also requires a hefty budget. However, it’s all worthy when you see your family and friends gathered together, sharing wonderful moments in that home you’ve built from scratch (whether you’ve remodeled it or built it altogether, it’s still amazing what you’ve turned it into).

With a fine home there often comes an enjoyable garden, too. Your outdoor space should be your oases of peace during warm seasons. When the weather is nice and you happen to find some spare time to enjoy a cup of coffee, uninterrupted – the first place you’d probably want to go to is your wonderful garden.

Having an enjoyable garden is actually a carefully crafted mosaic of details and essentials – from patio and plants to outdoor ornaments and lightning, all things matter. Just as an (extra) accessory can either make or break an outfit, so can a few details change your entire outdoor space.

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What most home owners usually turn to when it comes to sprucing up their yard is delightful outdoor lighting. When you choose the right set of lights, your yard can instantly go from dull or plain to exciting and fabulous.

If you’ve been thinking about ways to upgrade your outdoor space lately, maybe you too should consider refreshing it with some great lights? Sure!

Here are some things to consider prior to making any changes…

outdoor lightingSketch your Outdoor Space

Now that you’ve decided you’ll invest in outdoor lighting, make a sketch of the yard. Include the existing lights, trees and shrubs, benches, buildings, as well as the decorations and vegetation in the garden. Each of these items will either reflect light or absorb it, so you want to play your game smart. Pay particular attention to the height of each of the objects, especially the foliage.

Placement of Outdoor Lighting

Specific locations in your backyard may either help the garden pop or completely devoid it of effect. It all depends on the relationship of elements and spots you are illuminating and the lightning itself. It’s all about the end goal, really – think what the purpose of this landscape lightening is and then opt for the placement alone.

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For instance, if you are thinking of selling the property, you are probably thinking a high-quality set of lights will add effect and value, so placement doesn’t matter as much. Further, perhaps there are certain parts of your yard you want to illuminate for security reasons or you are thinking of setting a soft, romantic atmosphere to enjoy during the evening hours. Maybe you are looking for that landscape lighting to mark boundaries in your yard… or maybe you are just into the aesthetics of it.  Although lighting is multifunctional and you usually kill two birds with one stone by placing it right, don’t fail to think about the placement prior to actually purchasing the lights.

Consider Shapes, Sizes and your Budgetoutdoor lighting

With the amazing progress and expansion of landscape architecture that’s been happening in the past ten years or so, we now have a multitude of options to choose from and turn our yards into a real-time reflection of our visions. However, with so many options out there, you can easily get overwhelmed and want to pick up every model of everything (because they are all looking amazing), but don’t! Choose styles that agree with your house décor and overall yard décor, and then purchase.

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As for the prices, high-voltage landscape lighting starts at the price of $100 per light, low-voltage landscape lighting starts at $30 and goes up to $300 per light while solar lighting is the least expensive. Do we really have to say you should consider your budget prior to investing? No, of course not – you already knew that.

Whichever lighting selection you opt for, we certainly hope our little guide was helpful and that you’ll soon get to enjoy your new, upgraded yard. Do send us pics!

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