Best Decorating Tips to Inspire Healthy Habits

Best Decorating Tips to Inspire Healthy Habits

Healthy HabitsHealthy habits are a safe guarantee of long-term well-being, but switching to haler and heartier living doesn’t always go as smoothly as you might expect. To pull out all the stops on the quest to making lasting healthy changes, you can try tweaking your living area: a home designed with health in mind will keep you inspired as you pursue the green lifestyle goals. Don’t know where and how to start? Going healthy with home décor is easier than it sounds: simply follow the tips below, and your nest will soon become a hotbed of health and inspiration.

Go Green in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home, which makes it the best place to start the makeover. Go through the drawers and cabinets and throw out anything you haven’t used in over six months. Next, wipe all the surfaces clean and dress storage units with a fresh paint coat: neutrals are the best option as they promote tranquility, positive mood, and comfort. You can also start an herb garden in your cooking area: it will add scent to the kitchen and spice up your homemade meals with organic flavors. A basket filled with fresh fruit will be a chic countertop reminder of healthy lifestyle changes you’ve embraced, and you can get a few gadgets such as blenders and juicers to further boost your clean eating inspiration.

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Your Own Ommm Temple

Meditation has a range of health benefits, so if you don’t already have a Zen nook in your home, you may as well set it up now. Allocate a part of your living area to morning meditation routines: de-clutter a spot by the window, throw a yoga mat on the floor, and place an incense holder and a few packs of smudge sticks or a couple of scented candles next to it to round off your private Om temple. Essential oils and oil burners can also do the fragrance trick, but don’t forget to put the burner out before you head out, just to stay on the safe side.

Paints for Peaceful Dreams

The bedroom is another part of your home which could use a bit of tender, love, and care in the wake of healthy lifestyle changes. After you’ve cleaned the sleeping area of clutter, repaint the walls in a peaceful tone, such as beige, baby blue, or gentle pink. To ensure free flow of energy, arrange furniture based on the principles of Feng Shui design and consider swapping man-made for organic textiles. For bonus romantic touches, place scented candles atop the nightstand, and upgrade ambient lighting by installing dimmer switches or replacing classic bulbs with energy-saving alternatives.

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Healthy Habits

Snug and Healthy Living Room

Sunlight is the healthiest home lighting option, so if you want to make an impactful décor tweak, take down the heavy drapes and let natural light flood the room. Though somewhat costly, new furniture pieces crafted from natural materials such as bamboo, maple, and oak wood will usher in a dose of refreshment, style, and comfort. Another element borrowed from the lap of Mother Nature, houseplants will help keep the air in the living room fresh and crispy clean, and they will also boost your cognitive function, mood, and motivation to stick to your healthy changes.

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Bathing in Health and Comfort

When redoing your home with health in mind, don’t overlook your private hygiene haven. Scrub the bathroom clean, remove mold using a homemade cleaning solution, and throw in a potted plant to add natural charm to your bathing area. If humidity buildup is a chronic problem in your loo, you should consider a ventilation upgrade to prevent mold recurrence that can compromise both your family’s health and your bathroom’s functionality.

Healthy Habits

A healthy house is the hotbed of good mood, energy, and long-term well-being, so if you want to make your positive lifestyle changes stick, make sure your home décor is a source of inspiration, not stress. Clean your nest of clutter, paint it in gentle colors, update the lighting, and throw in a few handpicked extras to make the switch to healthy living go easier on your nerves. Namaste!

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