Why Lena Dunham And Amy Schumer Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Feminist Role Models

Why Lena Dunham And Amy Schumer Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Feminist Role Models

Two hundred years ago, women had to beg and plead to get the attention of male lawmakers as they attempted to secure basic rights for females rights such as voting, owning property and receiving basic public education.

In todays hyper-connected world, women have an international platform that their 18th-century counterparts couldnt have even dreamed of. Unfortunately, while some females are harnessing the power of the internet and social media to promote equality and unity, others like Amy Schumer and Lena Dunhamare using it to make a mockery of themselves, and by extension, a mockery of their entire sex.

A recent controversial interview between the two quickly sparked outrage, as Lena essentially accused Odell Beckham Jr. of being sexist for simply not talking to her at the Met Gala. However, its become increasingly clear that this isnt an isolated incident for these ladies.

Amy Schumer and Lena Dunhams incoherent whining is proving to be a clear example of a fringe movement: a type of fourth wave feminismthat turns feminism from a serious issue into a joke.

The two are clearly confused about what exactly feminism is, so allow me to provide some clarification for both Schumer and Dunham.

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1. Feminism is not simply focusing on womens bodies.

For two women who claim theyre much more than just their bodies, they sure do spend a lot of time talking about them. While most women are perfectly capable of going to the beach, taking a picture and simply posting it on Instagram, both Schumer and Dunham seem to feel the need to repetitively remind the world that they arent a size 2.

While body positivity is important, Dunham and Schumers constant focus on their bodies means that the conversation superficially remains on their looks.

For example, Schumer used her platform at the Glamour Women of the Year awards not to bring attention to a worthy social platform, but to announce that she weighed 160 pounds and had no problem meeting men.

2. Feminism is not all about sex.

While feminists have spent decades telling women that they are more than sexual objects, and that their sexuality is theirs and theirs alone, Dunham and Schumer promote promiscuity as if theyve just signed a lucrative, six-figure deal with it.

Katie Yoder sums it up best by saying,

We dont need comedy that presents women as selfish, out-of-control and sex-obsessed. Women dont need a spokeswoman who tears people down for laughs. We dont need someone who tells us to be sexually explicit to get attention.

Women have been fighting to be viewed as more than their sexuality for centuries. Yet, its the focus of most of Schumers standup and much of Dunhams HBO show, Girls.

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Rebecca Carrol accurately refers to Dunham as a 20-something white woman who grew up in wealth, likes to get naked and have sex on TV and call it feminism.

3. Feminism is not male-bashing.

I can only imagine the confusion that must have gone through Odell Beckham Jr.s head after he read Dunham and Schumers interview. The man was invited to a prestigious, fancy event, where he probably had a very nice time.

A week later, he finds himself criticized for not hitting on Dunham. Dunham who couldnt possibly fathom the idea that maybe he was interested in another female, maybe he was dating someone else or (gasp) maybe she just wasnt his type wrote an incoherent, babbling piece in which she literally put words into his mouth and depicted him as sexist for no reason.

4. Feminism is not crying foul every time someone disagrees with you.

Feminists can take the heat as well as any man can. Contrary to popular belief, every time someone disagrees with you, its not acceptable to cry sexism, which seems to be a popular defense mechanism for both Dunham and Schumer.

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An op-ed on ixdaily sums up Dunhams simplistic nature perfectly:

What has continuously happened with Dunham is every time shes criticized, she points to the craziest claim and says, I cant be blamed for that! Thats ridiculous conservatives being ridiculous!! Feminism, am I right?

She doesnt take the time to consider that the criticism might be valid. Instead, she blames it on sexist attitudes.

Meanwhile, Schumer was outraged when a 17-year-old fan made a lamejoke on Reddit about her, despite the fact that she regularly makes the same kinds of jokes about herself in her standup comedy routines.

If Schumer and Dunham cant take the heat, maybe its time they both go back into the kitchen and leave the important stuff to the real women.

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