Trump inauguration: key moments

Trump inauguration: key moments

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump promised a new era guided by one principle — “only America first” — moments after being sworn in as the nation’s 45th commander-in-chief.

But Friday’s transfer of power from President Barack Obama’s Democratic administration to Trump’s nationalist Republican presidency featured many more symbolic moments from the former and new presidents and their families.
Here are memorable moments from Inauguration Day:

    Trump takes the oath of office

    At noon Friday, Trump placed his left hand on two Bibles — one used by Abraham Lincoln in 1861 and one a gift from his mother when Trump graduated Sunday School in 1955 — and pledged to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.
    With that, the nation had its 45th President.


    A limo was on fire. Windows to a Starbucks and several other businesses had been smashed. Police were using pepper spray to control protesters who were destroying property.
    Two police officers suffered minor injuries in clashes with the protesters, and 95 had been arrested by mid-afternoon.
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