Report: Ivanka Trump wrong about Trump Organization’s leave policy

Report: Ivanka Trump wrong about Trump Organization’s leave policy

(CNN)Donald Trump’s employees are not all eligible to receive eight-weeks paid parental leave, according to a new report, contrary to Ivanka Trump’s and the Trump Organization’s head of human resources’ claims.

An undated employee handbook from the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas obtained by the Huffington Post says workers are only eligible for unpaid family leave, as mandated by federal law. Employees can only get paid during their parental leave by using “earned and unused vacation days and personal days,” the manual states, according to the Huffington Post.
    The Las Vegas property is owned by Trump and managed by a subsidiary of the Trump Organization.
    Employees at Trump hotels in New York and Miami, as well as at the billionaire’s luxury Mar-a-Lago estate and club, also told the news site that they are not eligible for eight weeks of paid parental leave.
    “We take an individualized approach to helping employees manage family and work responsibilities,” Rosen said in the statement.
    A spokeswoman for the Trump Organization declined to explain which Trump Organization employees are not eligible for the eight-week paid parental leave.
    The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment about whether Ivanka Trump mischaracterized the Trump Organization’s parental leave policy.

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