A sneak peek at Propels battling Star Wars drones

A sneak peek at Propels battling Star Wars drones

Last years breakout Star Wars toy was, without question, Spheros BB-8. It was the perfect synergy of technology and intellectual property, which brilliantly captured The Force Awakens breakout star droid. In the lead up to Rogue One, there isnt a single toy running away with the title, but Propels drones are a pretty strong contender.

Unveiled via a teaser this summer, the devices capture four key vehicles from the original trilogy: a speeder bike, an X-Wing, a TIEfighter and, naturally, that perpetual fixer-upper, the Millennium Falcon. The drones feature four rotors capable of accelerating from zero to 30 MPH in three seconds, with peak speeds of up to 35 MPH however many parsecs that works out to.

Propel showed off the drones aerial maneuvers in a San Francisco press event this week, just ahead of the products official Friday launch. Theyre impressive little toys designed for laser-based dog fights, aiming their beams at one another until the loser suffers a controlled crash to the ground.

With prices at around $250, the drones arent exactly cheap, but, then, wish-fulfillment rarely is.

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Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2016/12/02/drone-wars-2/

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