Monthly Archives: June 2015

Give your hallway the attention it deserves

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 5, 2015

hallway decor

The most frequent scenario when it comes to renovation of the interior of our homes is that hallways are the last space in line. And, when their turn finally comes, the renovation budget has already been almost entirely spent, all that was left is enough for basic repainting of the walls and perhaps some refreshment […]

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How to Make Your Backyard Truly Child-Friendly

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 3, 2015


Probably the biggest perk of owning a big backyard is having an open space where you can do everything from barbecuing and playing volleyball to installing a swimming pool, lying in the sun and getting some tan. One of the things your children, on the other hand, enjoy is being able to play out in […]

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Should You Make an Early Offer on a New Listing?

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 1, 2015


Deciding whether or not to place an early offer on a new listing can be confusing. However, as long as you have done your research on the area and have your finances in order, you can use these four tips to make the process easier and smoother for you. Understanding what early offer means When […]

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