5 Tips to Staging Your Home for a Quick Sale

5 Tips to Staging Your Home for a Quick Sale

The sale of your home relies a great deal on staging. Some home owners think of staging as an optional chore, but you would be surprised at how important it is.
In Barb Schwartz’s book Staging to Sell: The Secret to Selling Homes in a Down Market she says that on average 95% of staged homes sell in 35 days or less. So, if you want a quick sale you need to follow these five tips.

Complete Home Improvement Projects

We’re not suggesting that you start any new home improvement projects. Chances are, if you have unfinished projects you don’t want to add any more to your to-do list. However, the ones you’ve been putting off finishing need to be completed before buyers come knocking. For instance, the hole in the backyard that was going to be a fire pit- fill it back up and leave backyard additions to the new home owners.

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Clearly Define Each Room’s Function

Each room in your home should have a well-defined purpose. You don’t want potential buyers asking, “Is it an office, bedroom or walk-in closet?” If you have an extra “all-purpose room”, for the sake of buyers, give it a clear vision. Make it a home office or gym, but don’t leave its purpose a mystery. Anything that does not go with a room’s sole purpose should be taken out and relocated or stored away for showings.

Get Rid of Odd Colors

Color choices are a reflection of each individual’s personal style. If you love bright orange, the chance that every potential buyer who walks through your front door is also going to love it is slim-to-non. Before you put your home on the market, swap out bold colors and patterns for neutrals.

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Think Minimalism

Grab a storage bin and go through your house, editing out excess décor. Remove religious relics, table-top family pictures and trinkets. Having less of these things lets potential buyers imagine their own décor throughout the house. Also get rid of any excess furniture. Only leave the basics; a couch, two end tables, a coffee table and chairs. The more room people have to walk around a room, the larger it will feel to them.

Make the First Impression Inviting

Don’t forget to make a good first impression. Paint your front door, put a new potted plant on the porch, light some scented candles near the foyer and set a warm mood with lighting. The more at home a buyer feels when walking into your house, the more they will be able to imagine it as theirs.

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In addition to these suggestions there is always more you can do to add to your home’s appeal. Any upgrades such as new appliances or newly installed hardwood floors will not go unnoticed by buyers.

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