Adorn Your Home Floors with Decorative Concrete Coatings

Adorn Your Home Floors with Decorative Concrete Coatings

Decorative Concrete CoatingsThere are specific reasons behind the widespread and exclusive usage of concrete in home floorings, garages, basements and even manufacturing units, food processing plants and warehouse facilities. Besides giving a good, overall appeal, concrete floors are one of those rare durable materials, which can withstand abrasion, moisture exposure, chemicals and considerable traffic. However, it’ll be a mistake to assume that they are indestructible. If you don’t treat it with proper decorative concrete coating, the intrinsic porous substances can degenerate in the face of heavy abuse like deicing salts, harmful chemicals, tire traffic and regular moisture.

The Primary Aspects

Not only do decorative concrete coatings give that additional look and beautify your floor space, it’s also a form of protective shield that attaches an additional layer of fortification to the concrete. It can thus withstand constant traffic, wear and tear. Besides, it can dress up and enhance the look of a drab, sullen surface. There are dedicated companies stocked with a magnificent inventory of such coating for your home flooring needs.

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The Myriad Styles and Utilities

The most conspicuous benefit of decorative concrete coatings is of course its aesthetics and physical appeal. It has become the new pick for flooring for both homeowners and designers worldwide.

  • These floors are increasing in popularity in trendy restaurants, retail outlets and homes. You can find different styles of concrete flooring in the decorative domain.
  • These are micro-toppings, overlays, and acid-stained, radiant floors and painted ones.
  • You can also find personal floors, which are tailored to your unique needs. This form of flooring also stands for cement flooring. You can now color concrete by applying textures, saw cuts, patterns and so on. That instills new life and breath to any traditional material.

Concrete Floors

Selecting the Right Material for Concreting

The selection process is very important in this regard. The first step is to check your surface. The concerned flooring specialist should give a comprehensive program from plan outlay to long-term and preventive maintenance.

  • Entailing the performance conditions is also very important in this juncture. After identifying the extent of severity in primary areas of traffic, you need to rank them in accordance with their importance in the particular coating process. The material types and their applied thickness are crucial here.
  • Surface preparation is very crucial for your decorative concrete coatings project as it decides and determines the aesthetic appeal and intensity of the floors.
  • You shouldn’t overlook other considerations while closing in on the coating system. As regards aesthetics, you will find that there can be a huge departure from your initial overview and the final appearance. Nowadays, you can obtain your desired performance parameters through different surface textures and decorative presentations.
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Concrete Floors

The Ingrained Benefits

One of the primary benefits of decorative concrete coatings is their affordability. Its installation is quite cost-effective. An ordinary concrete floor comprises reasonably priced vinyl, carpet, linoleum and ceramic tile. The more complex your design becomes, the more you will deal with materials like granite, marble, high-quality wood and slate. It’s easy to maintain and you can clean these floors quickly with a dust mop. You can also use a neutral cleaner with water occasionally.

Its wide color and design palette adds to its huge popularity. The stained concrete pattern is a very popular pick for interior floors. Its earthy, warm and exquisite tones make it a popular choice for homeowners.  You can color them naturally and synthesize them adroitly with your room elements. The best part is that, you can use the same color and texture or coating in different textures to apply in different segments of your house. You can consult with the decorative concrete coating suppliers for knowing more about the quotes.

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